CP2 Delta game Regulations

These regulations for the provision and use of online game CosmoPulse
This online game, Internet service, in short called CP
CP2 Delta
Game server to which Regulations apply
Person authorized to manage and represent CP
Person authorized to manage game communication channels (e.g. chat, forum, etc.)
Person which uses services provided by CP

  1. General rules

    1. Membership conditions

      1. To play CosmoPulse on server CP2 Delta each User must accept these Regulations.

    2. Responsibility

      1. Administrator is making best efforts to ensure the availability of all services. However, he reserves the right to temporarily limit or suspend the availability in particular situations. Administrator is not in any way responsible for hardware breakdowns, networking issues, server faults, software errors, etc. Any inconvenience resulting from such situations does not entitle User to expect that the game will be reset to the preceding state. Administrator is not in any way responsible for any damage caused by use of CosmoPulse, unless they were directly caused by Administrator's gross negligence or intentional actions. Administrator is not in any way responsible for any physical injuries, including loss of health or life. We kindly remind all Users that lack of moderation or overuse of CosmoPulse can be harmful to your health.

      2. The language of service and communication is English. Communicating in any other language results from the good will of Administrator and will be performed only as it is possible.

    3. The applicable law

      1. Polish law is the only applicable in all cases related to CosmoPulse. Any claims, legal proceeding or litigations arising in connection with CosmoPulse will be brought solely in Kraków, Poland, to the local courts appropriate to Administrator. User consents to the exclusive jurisdiction of such courts.

      2. Administrator is not in any way responsible for any content brought to the game by User, in particular for pornographic, xenophobic, offensive, illegal or otherwise wrongful content. Administrator may remove such content without prior notice, suspend or even delete related accounts. All illegal activities in CosmoPulse should be immediately reported to Administrator.

    4. Privacy policy and protection of personal data

      1. User must accept CosmoPulse privacy policy (which is described here) to play the game.

      2. Personal data of any User, which could make it possible to identify him as a real person (e.g. first and last name, phone numbers, addresses, personal identification numbers, etc) is not required to play. No such data is intentionally collected or stored in the game.

      3. Administrator is not in any way responsible for any possible data of such type entered by user (e.g. in user names, planet names, communication with other Users, etc.), authenticity of such data is not verified and any such content is treated as regular data. Therefore, Administrator recommends that Users enter any publicly available information responsibly, because it might be seen and used by others. In special situations, mentioned in point 2.2, User may be individually asked to provide personal data. Such request may be issued:

        1. in case of a complaint;

        2. to unambiguously identify the person using the account in the game, if such identification is necessary to fulfill request made by Users.

    5. Intellectual property

      1. User accepts that all copyrights, trademarks, graphics and other game elements, as well as players' accounts along with the nomenclature used (names of accounts, planets, fleets, etc.) and assigned virtual currencies belong to the game owner and Administrator. The use of any game element without the written consent of the Administrator is prohibited.

      2. Offering or demanding payment for account sale, account improvement or other services provided in the game by anyone else than Administrator is forbidden.

  2. Etiquette

    1. It is forbidden to:

      1. Enter any form of contents which can be considered pornographic, obscene, xenophobic, glorifying violence, brutal, vulgar, offensive, humiliating, illegal or violating generally accepted norms of behavior.

      2. Enter links, which lead directly or redirect to content forbidden by point 2.1.1

      3. Enter content which violates third party intellectual property.

      4. Use "pseudo censorship" (e.g. asterisks, exchange of singular characters).

      5. Persistently introduce content that is harassing, provocative or mocking in relation to other Users.

      6. Enter content which has the character of anti-advertising of CosmoPulse.

      7. Enter commercial and advertising content, also by links which lead to such content, including links which are meant to improve one's statistics, positioning, etc.

      8. Spam in any form, also by repeating the same content in game communication channels (see point 3.1).

      9. Use any type of robots, automatic programs and all other type of activity which makes actions in CP being performed not personally by User.

      10. Use found bugs and errors in CP to achieve advantage over other Users.

      11. Mislead other Users and impersonate Administrator.

      12. Use CP for commercial purpose without written consent from Adminstrator.

    2. Entering content forbidden by point 2.1 may cause associated User accounts to be blocked and/or removed without prior notice.

    3. Each User is solely responsible for all contents entered from his account.

    4. In case it is found that User uses multiple accounts to violate Regulations (especially the etiquette - point 2), the responsibility and sanctions may be applied to all accounts connected to the User responsible for the violation. For example using the same IP address may treated as degree of connection sufficient to apply sanctions to multiple accounts.

    5. Similarly, if it is found that User is using accounts on other servers of CosmoPulse, sanctions may be applied also on other accounts.

    6. All Users who observe contents violating point 2.1 must immediately report such situations to Administrator.

    7. All potential or confirmed errors observed in CosmoPulse must be reported to Administrator.

  3. Moderators

    1. Moderators and Administrator may block or restrict communication channels if it is found that User violates the etiquette (see point 2.1). The communication channel is any mechanism used for communicating between Users, e.g. chat, private messages, naming of planets, etc.

    2. Users are obliged to follow instructions received from the authorized persons - regarding the use of communication channels. Failure to follow the instructions may result in sanctions listed in point 3.1.

    3. Moderator will publish information about each intervention on a page available to all users.

    4. Neither Moderator nor Administrator are not obliged to issue warnings before applying the measures listed in point 3.1

  4. Registering an account

    1. Before starting to play on the server CP2 Delta each User must register his account.

    2. Registration on the server CP2 Delta is obligatory even if User has already registered an account on a different CosmoPulse server.

    3. Administrator may enable the User to reset the password for his account, but it is required that the User had access the mailbox under his email address. Specifying an incorrect email address may result in lack of possibility to reset the password.

    4. Administrator may disable the possibility of registration of new Users on the server CP2 Delta at any time without explanation.

  5. Membership and the end of membership on CosmoPulse server CP2 Delta

    1. The User account registered on the server CP2 Delta will be deleted automatically after meeting one of the following requirements:

      1. In case that User never started to actively play after registration on the server CP2 Delta, his account is deleted after 30 days

      2. In other cases the account is deleted when the system detects, that User has not logged in on the server CP2 Delta for 60 consecutive days

    2. Logging in on the server CP2 Delta may be performed only by specifying the User name and password, or by the dedicated link delivered by CosmoPulse.

    3. Each User is obliged to keep his password and other data related to logging in to his account secret. Administrator is not responsible for activities of any third party people who had access to User's account.

    4. It is forbidden to share access to one account between Users. Accounts accessed by multiple people may be blocked and/or removed without prior notice.

    5. Administrator may send messages informing about the state of account to the email address given by the User, if he had not logged in for some time.

    6. Administrator may send messages informing about news related to CosmoPulse to the email address given by the User, even after the end of User's membership on the server CP2 Delta.

    7. Each Player has the option to opt out of receiving the above messages by selecting the appropriate option in preferences of his account.

  6. The gameplay

    1. Each User who successfully passed the registration on server CP2 Delta has the right to perform all actions made available to his account.

    2. One User may register no more than a few accounts. User may not register more accounts than he is able to actively control and develop.

    3. The functionalities available on the server CP2 Delta may be modified by Administrator at any time.

    4. The functionalities available on various CosmoPulse servers may be different.

    5. Each modification of available functionalities will be announced in a message available to all Users.

    6. The leading purpose of all introduced changes is to make the gameplay more attractive for possibly largest number of Users.

    7. Administrator may withdraw previously introduced changes if the changes could have negative impact on CosmoPulse, or cause instability of the system.

    8. Administrator may reset the game to earlier state, suspend or terminate provision of CosmoPulse without prior notice.

  7. Paid services

    1. Premium account (CPFan)

      1. The premium account is purchased by selecting the preferred duration of premium account access, choosing the preferred payment channel, and by confirming the purchase by clicking a corresponding, clearly marked button (e.g. "Purchase", "Send order", etc.). After the payment operation is completed, Administrator will possibly quickly enable premium account access and update the expiration date to the one which results from the variant chosen by User.

      2. Total duration of premium account access made available to the User may not be longer than 200 days at a time.

    2. Virtual money (CCoins)

      1. Virtual money is purchased by selecting the preferred amount of CCoins, choosing the preferred payment channel, and by confirming the purchase by clicking a corresponding, clearly marked button (e.g. "Purchase", "Send order", etc.). After the payment operation is completed, Administrator will possibly quickly increase amount of CCoins available to the User to the one which results from the variant chosen by User.

      2. The purchase and possession of CCoins does not protect User from the termination of membership in CP and User account may be deleted in compliance with regulations specified in point 5.

      3. It is not possible to differentiate between CCoins purchased by User and CCoins obtained for free while playing CP. It is assumed, that User spends purchased CCoins first.

    3. User has the possibility to access special game functions by making a payment.

    4. The purchase of paid services is possible only by paying in advance.

    5. Any paid services purchased for server CP2 Delta are not available on any other CosmoPulse server.

    6. It is forbidden to purchase paid services in any different way than available in the game.

    7. Administrator is not able to verify if User is making payment personally, therefore every payment made for a specific account is sufficient to activate the purchased paid service only for that account.

    8. Purchase of any paid service does not protect User from sanctions listed in points 2.2, 2.4 and 3.1. In case any of such sanctions are applied, User is not entitled to refund of purchase costs.

    9. Administrator may block the ability to purchase paid services for Users who violate the Regulations.

    10. List of functions available as part of paid services and the current prices will be presented to the User before the purchase.

    11. Companies which execute the payment process may require the User to provide his personal data. Such data is collected out of CosmoPulse servers and Administrator is not responsible for processing this data.

    12. Companies which execute the payment process may charge additional fees, which are independent of the Administrator and on which Administrator has no influence. Administrator is not obliged to inform User about any such additional fees of conducting the payment process.

    13. User is liable to the Administrator for all costs associated with the cancellation of the transaction or re-charging (e.g. due to the lack of funds). In such situations, User is obliged to cover the costs associated with such a fee (e.g. charged by the payment service).

    14. Settlement of transactions by credit card and e-transfer takes place via the Dotpay Billing Center.

    15. Exchange of paid services (including virtual money) back to real money is possible only if Administrator permanently and completely suspends the service of CP. In such case, the real money paid by User will be returned in amount, which corresponds to the unused part of purchase. Administrator will contact User to settle on the details of operation via the email address associated with User account.

    16. The right to withdraw from the contract

      1. At the moment that purchase has been completed (enabling of access to premium account or virtual money), User looses the right to withdraw from the contract. Administrator will additionally inform User about this fact before the purchase.

      2. Administrator provides the Player with the possibility of trial use of paid services for a limited time (enabling access to premium account) or in a limited amount (virtual currency). User is not entitled to claim the increased scope of this possibility.

  8. Changing the Regulations

    1. Administrator has the right to change content of these Regulations at any time and prior notice is not obligatory.

    2. Each change of Regulations for server CP2 Delta will be announced on this server.

    3. Logging in to User account on server CP2 Delta is equivalent to the acceptance of the current Regulations.