CosmoPulse privacy policy

Processing of your data

CosmoPulse does not need nor require you to enter any kind of data, which could make it possible to identify you as a specific, real person. Only you decide what you enter as, for example, login or email, so it is up to you to choose for example an anonymous email address. Nevertheless, we store all entered data properly secured - unauthorized persons have no access to it. The software we use, by default, stores the information about IP addresses used to access pages in our website.

At any time you have the possibility of correcting or changing the entered data. You can also withdraw your consent for various activities performed by CosmoPulse, for example for sending informative emails to you. All this can be done either on the settings page of your account or by contacting us via email, to When we delete your account, we keep information about your login and email address for possible contact in matters concerning CosmoPulse. If you want us to remove (all or selected) data which is related to your user account, send us an email to

The only administrator of all data entered in CosmoPulse is Marcin Strojny M-SYS (more info can be found here). We do not share this data with any other person or company, although some of the naming used within the game may be visible to other players (e.g. login, names of planets, alliances, ship models, etc). We use the entered data to make the gameplay possible and also to be able to contact you in matters concerning CosmoPulse. If you decide to use our paid services, we can also use the data to initialize the payment process.

Additional personal data used during the payment process is neither collected nor processed by us - it is done independently from us by companies which execute the payment process. As one of the parties to this process we have access to this data via pages provided by that company and only to the extent that the operator allows.

When you create an account or log in, it means for us that you agree with our Regulations and this Privacy policy. We also remind you about it each time you enter your login data. If you are aged under 16, please, ask your parents or legal guardians for the acceptance of our Regulations and Privacy policy - we are obliged by law to ask you to do that.

"Cookie" files

Cookies are small files that are saved and stored on your computer, tablet, or smartphone while you visit various websites on the Internet. A cookie usually contains the name of the web page it comes from, the "length of life" of the cookie (that is how long it will exist) and the randomly generated unique identifier used to identify the browser which opens the web page.

In CosmoPulse we use the so-called Cookies, ie. the information that is stored by our server on your device. This information can be read each time you use browser to connect to CosmoPulse, may also use other technologies with the same or similar functions. Our cookie policy also applies to all these similar technologies. Cookies are small portions of computer data, especially text files, which are stored on the user's device. Cookies typically include the domain name of the web site from which they came from, the time they will be kept on the end device, and a unique number.

In CosmoPulse we can use the following types of cookies:

CosmoPulse does not always use all of mentioned types of cookies, but we reserve the right to use them at any time.

Turning off "Cookies"

Usually, a web browser by default allows cookies to be stored on user's device. Users may decide to change cookie settings of their browsers at any time. In particular, browser settings may be changed to block automatic cookie handling or to be informed each time the cookies are added or modified by the website. Detailed information on the capabilities and ways of handling cookies is available in web browser documentation. If you leave your browser's cookie settings unchanged, CosmoPulse will be able to store and access them.

Disabling the use of cookies may make it more difficult to use certain functions of CosmoPulse, especially those that require user to be logged in. To disable cookies or change cookie settings in your browser, please refer to help or documentation provided by your browser manufacturer and follow the instructions contained therein.

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